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1200 Hour Full-Time DL Learning
Advanced Diploma

Program Start Dates:

Spring/Fall 2024

Program Overview:

Progressive topics further to a 1000-hour equivalency program:

  • Arthrology, pathologies, dermatomes, gait analysis, advanced assessment, advanced hydrotherapy, advanced treatment of conditions, advanced trigger point, business/communications, nerve pathways, joint mobilizations, advanced myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, sports massage-level II, medications, and massage

  • Introduction of complementary modalities; craniosacral, manual lymphatic drainage, nutrition

  • Cadaver Lab Session, Involvement in out practicums to network in the community, invest in the community, and refine skills

  • True Colors (a model of personality identification) 

Course information is delivered during the onsite sessions at the school and supplemented with take-home assignments, research projects, and practicum hours during the weeks in between training sessions. Quizzes, exams, presentations, and practicums are completed during the training weekends.
Classroom hours are from Friday to Sunday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., one weekend per month with one additional six-day session during the program.  The first weekend is a Thursday to Sunday.

Distance/part-time training students are welcome to utilize the school facilities and learning aids for study.

Tuition & Supplies: (payment options available)

2200 Hour Full-Time Pricing

  • Tuition - $12,800

  • Books - $580 Inc. GST

  • Lab fee - $150

  • Linen Kit (If student does not have one) – $125*

  • Massage Chair (If student does not have one) – $300*   

  • Association membership - $300* (approximately, determined by association as membership and insurance dues are reviewed)


*Approximately - Massage chair and part of the linen kit are purchased by the student so prices will vary.

**Only required if not acquired during First Year. 

Who Should Consider Taking the 2200 Diploma Program?


  • Those therapists who are seeking to excel in a rehabilitative approach to massage and therapists desiring to obtain a competitive edge with greater mobility in the job place.

  • Therapists who have graduated from the 1000-hour program at A.I.M. or another program of equivalent content (**program equivalency will be determined by the registrar upon application) and wish to pursue a higher level of education in the massage therapy profession. This advanced study will further prepare a therapist to work in more medically focused environments, equip the therapist with more skills to widen the scope of their practice, and grant the therapist a greater opportunity to apply for positions in provinces and states that have legislation.

  • The 2200-hour Diploma program is 1200 hours of additional education building upon the 1000 hours of training in the Certificate program, crediting the therapist with a solid 2200-hour education.

It is important to note that not all programs issuing a 1000-hour standard have the same competency level as the Alberta Institute of Massage and therefore may not be accepted as entry-level to the 2200-hour Advanced Diploma Program.

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