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1000 Hour Full-Time IC Certificate

Program Start Dates:

Fall 2024

1000 Hour Full-Time DL Learning Certificate

Program Start Dates:

Spring/Fall 2024

1200 Hour Full-Time DL Learning Advanced Diploma

Program Start Dates:

Spring/Fall 2024

*1200 hour diploma - Full-time (eligible to apply with completed 1st certificate from a recognized massage program).

1200 Hour Full-Time IC Advanced Diploma

Program Start Dates:

Fall 2024

1200 hour diploma - Full-time (eligible to apply with completed 1st certificate from a recognized massage program).

Customize your learning experience

Programs & Workshops

We offer full-time IC and DL learning opportunities. As an Alberta Institute of Massage student, you may select the program that best suits your goals. Once you have a foundational Certificate or Advanced Diploma, all of our workshops are available to add skills and specialty to your massage career.

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Workshops & Continuing Education

Workshops and continuing education are available throughout the year to advance your skills and give you a competitive edge.

Hot Stone Massage Workshop

Date: 2024 – Dates to be determined                 
Pre-requisite: Massage Training

This is a 30-hour workshop and is approved for continuing education credits.

Hot Stone Massage is a specialty treatment allowing the recipient to experience deep relaxation and the therapist to utilize the heat and the composition of the stones to facilitate deep tissue treatment. Penetrating heat from the basalt stones melts away stress and tension, prepares the tissues, relieves pain and promotes harmony and balance.  An ever-increasing popular request.

Foot Reflexology Workshop

Date: Dates to be Announced
Time: TBA

This is a 45-hour workshop. and is approved for continuing education credits.

This is one of our most popular workshops with participants from all walks of life offering enthusiastic feedback about how much they have enjoyed the class and how the knowledge they have left the class with has enhanced their lives and the lives of others. You will learn skills that you can take home and use immediately.

Arthrokinetic Therapy ©
Master Class


Instructor: Mike Dixon RMT

Duration: 14 hours, 9 AM - 5 PM

Location: Alberta Institute of Amssage, Red Deer

Date: May 4th, 5th 2024

Learn and utilize techniques which are not taught in Massage Therapy colleges in this 14-hour course over two days and become a master in this region. This course will give the therapist an excellent understanding of the biomechanical and neurological relationships between the upper cervical spine and the temporomandibular joint within the craniomandibular complex. We will also be exploring Trigeminal Neuralgia and neurogenic headaches and dysfunction of the nervous complex of the head, face and TMD How to intervene in these dysfunction through manual and active therapy.  We will be addressing how to provide treatment and management of these dysfunctional life changing conditions.

TMD, Orofacial Pain, and Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN)

First Day Pizza Lunch Provided.

Course book provided.

Videos available (

Course book will be provided.

Credits NHPC 10 credits. CMMOTA 14 Credits, MTAA 16 primary credits

Contact or call if you have any questions: (604)802-9322

Techniques included:


  • Intra and extraoral techniques

  • Joint Play mobilizations

  • Contractile Myofascial Release

  • Structural Cranial Mobilizations/compressions

  • Muscle Energy Techniques for the AA joint.

  • Nerve glide, Nerve mobilization for the Trigeminal nerve, and nerves of the Cranium.

  • End Range mobilization techniques.

  • Cervical glide techniques

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