Thank you for your interest in the Alberta Institute of Massage!

We are delighted that you have taken this very important first step in pursuing an exciting career that equips you with the skill set to enhance health and wellness by influencing the body's natural abilities to perform optimally. With applied knowledge and accomplished techniques, massage therapists assist their clients in maintaining favorable health, restoring optimal function and preventing injuries.

If you have a desire to serve people in health and wellness, then this could be the beginning of a challenging and fulfilling professional future for you!

Filling out the application form will help us get acquainted with you and to determine if there is a mutual suitability for the program that prepares you for success!

Application Form

If you wish to fill out this form we would retain your information in strict privacy so that we may contact you in the future. If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy please contact us at (403) 784-3518.


Please indicate which program you are applying for:
1000 hour certificate - full time
1000 hour certificate - distance/part time
*2200 hour diploma (2nd year 1200 hr.) - full time (for those with education equivalency of 1000 hours from a recognized massage program)
*2200 hour diploma (2nd year 1200 hr.) - distance/part time - (for those with education equivalency of 1000 hours from a recognized massage program

*Please note: Recognition of 1000 hrs. of training, either with A.I.M or an equivalent program, is a pre-requisite to enrollment in the 2200 hr. Diploma program (1200 hr. module). Building upon a 1000 hour Certificate, the successful completion of the 1200 hr. Diploma Program credits the graduate with a 2200 Hour status. 

Name: First, Middle, & Last
Maiden Name:
Home Address: (Street, Box, R.R.#)
Postal/Zip Code:
Resident Phone:(incl. area code)
Business Phone:(incl. area code)
Alternate Contact:(incl. area code)
Date of Birth: (Day/Month/Year)

High School (Year)
College (Year)
University (Year)
Other (Year)

1.) Other occupation training (list all):
2.) Present Occupation:
3.) Other training in the health related/natural healing field (describe):
4.) Do you have any physical impairments(s), which could affect your performance as a massage therapist? Is so, explain:
5.) Do you have any previous massage experience (reading, workshops, research, etc)?
6.) Explain why you would like to become a Massage Therapist and why you would be an asset to the profession. What are your future plans?
7.) Why did you choose to attend the Alberta Institute of Massage? Please indicate how you heard about us or your source of referral:
8.) Are you prepared to move from your present location to practice massage therapy (to relocate for demand)?
Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence? If yes, please complete the following:
City and Province:
Date of Conviction:
Nature of offence:
Pardoned? Yes    No
Do you understand the fee schedule as set forth by the school (information on tuition and costs is specified on the "programs" section of this web site) and do you understand that the $250.00 administration fee is non-refundable?

*Please note that payment options for tuition are available for the distance training programs.

The administration fee must immediately follow your approved application in order to reserve your place in class. Administration fees can be either mailed in by cheque or money order or phoned in with VISA or MasterCard to (403) 346-1018.

Additional information that you feel may be relevant to share with us:

Our massage therapy programs are licensed under the Private Vocational Training Act, therefore, student funding may be available for those who qualify.

Link for Student Funding:

Send us an e-mail to request course information/package for massage therapy, continuing education classes or personal interest workshops.

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